About us

Sarah Warne,
MD & Founder

Recruitment is a job like no other.

Fate dealt me a winning hand the day a friend of mine in recruitment said “I think you would like this job”.

She was right, I did and more than that I loved it from day one and still do. The craft of recruiting I learnt in my time at Blue Arrow and Michael Page, but the passion and love for it are all my own.

I count myself as incredibly lucky to have found a career early on that has both inspired me and sustained my professional growth over decades.

When I work with you, whether you are an employer or candidate I have the opportunity to become a small but possibly influential part of your life at that moment in time.

When I look at how many people who are important in my life have come from relationships forged throughout my time recruiting. I know there isn’t another career that could have shaped my life in a better way.

For me it really is Recruitment Magic.

Richard Stidard,
Operations Director

I have worked in the recruitment sector since 2007 and I think it is safe to say recruitment is my passion. It is a fascinating and almost unique industry where you can build long term relationships with two equally valued sets of customers.

I started my working career at John Lewis, so customer service is in my blood. I then moved on to working for the Job Centre, where I first helped people in their job search, before leaving to go to university. The opportunity to join Change Recruitment came up, and it was the perfect fit for me.

I love helping people find that perfect match. Be it a new member in your team or that dream job you have always been searching for.

I am also really enthusiastic about utilising new technology to further enhance the recruitment process for everyone.

Our Mission

Deliver a recruitment service to you as a candidate where your desires, needs and motivations are one of our top priorities.

Every day our mission is to help you find job success and happiness. Through better communication and building trust and respect every step of the way with you.

Equally if you work with us as an employer whilst recruiting, our biggest focus is the best possible outcome for you.

Our success will be judged both on the data when we review the recruitment and retention of your talented new employees. Also the less tangible but equally important impression you are left with as our customer after recruiting. Plus your desire to work with us again the very next time you look to recruit.

These are the things that motivate, inspire and drive us.